Mission Statement

The Delaware State University’s Financial Planning and Investment club was formed to disseminate basic knowledge in personal finance. The club's goal is to provide educational and practical skills to students interested in financial planning and financial literacy.


Faculty Advisor:

Nandita Das, PhD, CFA, CFP®
Associate Professor of Finance



Department of Accounting,              Economics, and Finance

College of Business

Delaware State University

1200 N. DuPont Highway

Dover, DE 19901-2277


Updated Mar 15, 2017
















Regardless of the skill level- novice or experienced, students will find the club to be a good resource for learning and/or honing their skills in personal finance. The club is an excellent platform for networking and socializing.


All students who want to learn about personal finance, network, and build their career should join the club. The main purpose of this small organization is to prepare students for the future outside and real world challenges.




Bank of America Bldg 212


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